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Robert Baehr


    IBM Connect/Lotusphere 2015 - Here I come!

    Robert Baehr  June 6 2014 09:22:52 PM

    Well, I officially got the word this week that I'll be attending IBM Connect/Lotusphere 2015!   Amazing that I got the "OK" so early, and I am thankful for CL for the investment.

    Looking forward to the learning experience - and to seeing those who I only get to see once a year!

    Robert Baehr

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      Domino Console Message - Tweaked???

      Robert Baehr  February 14 2014 06:03:04 PM


      When performing maintenance on a Domino application recently (COMPACT -B, to be precise), I received the following message on the console:

      [0E90:0004-0DA4] Run fixup on 69647542 before compact to get better results on this database (it's tweaked)

      Domino Version:  8.5.3 ... and... I kid you not!

      Is this an old-school Easter Egg, or, am I missing something?

      Robert Baehr
      The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino

        Domino 9.0.1 Post Upgrade Issue

        Robert Baehr  February 7 2014 01:34:45 PM

        Back in December, after application functional testing passed with high marks under 9.0.1, we took the deep dive into Domino 9.0.1, Notes 9.0.1 and the latest Traveler for that platform.    And everything went almost perfect!  Please note that we never had an issue with 8.5.3 UP1 + FPs, even though the application in question is 22GB and contains 1.8 million documents.

        Production Environment:
        - Windows Server 2008 R2 (Hyper-V), the VM is located on a fast SAN.
        - Domino 9.0.1

        Test Environment (to help solve this problem):
        - Windows 7
        - Domino 9.0.1
        - Read below before coming to conclusions about Windows 7

        The problem we are having is that one of the main views (450K documents, at most 5 levels of responses per document) does not "refresh" completely.   The "twisties" are missing, and category expansion is impossible.    F9 does nothing, but a Shift_F9 works every time (but.. takes time).  This was true of both Production and Test environments.

        A little in-depth architectural stuff:

        Each evening, an agent runs that updates certain view selection formulas (and this view is not one of them).   Then, another server-agent uses view.refresh to update the view based on the new selection formula.   For convenience, the agent processes all views in the application, regardless of their view selection formula update status.  Note:  The agent that updated the view selection formulas runs on Production, and the changes replicate in to the Test environment before any further agent activity.

        What I have tried so far on the Test Environment:
        - Tore LOG.NSF apart - I cannot find anything out of the norm
        - The agents DO complete, as always.
        - Split the view up into to smaller views (failed)
        - FIXUP , COMPACT -i, and UPDALL -R (failed)
        - Made a new replica of the application (failed)
        - Wrote an agent to perform an UPDALL -R nightly, but it takes too long based on other agents that need to process first.
        - SET CONFIG DEBUG=1 and SET CONFIG DEBUG_NIF=1, parsed a 3GB+ text file with a freeware tet editor, and found the "update took longer than 30 minutes to complete" message on the problem view.

        Interestingly, I decided to downgrade the Test Environment from 9.0.1 back to 8.5.3.   By surprise, that seems to have fixed the problem, for every early morning check of both systems show that the 8.5.3 environment is pristine, whereas the 9.0.1 environment still has the incomplete view refresh.  In short, it works like a gem on 8.5.3, but not on 9.0.1.

        I have a PMR open to IBM on this, and will advise of the outcome.  If anyone else has experienced this, and, can offer a solution that solves this problem (not a hack - a real solution), I thank you in advance, and, will buy you a beer @ Connect-O-Sphere-exa 2015*, assuming I get to go, and you get to go!

        More to come - stay tuned!
        Robert Baehr
        The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino (or whatever IBM calls it)

        *Free beer offer limited to one free beer to the first person who offers a real solution that is not working for IBM Support.   Oh, what the hell - I'll even include the IBM Support engineer if he/she solves this one quickly!


          Damn, I love Domino.....

          Robert Baehr  December 26 2013 02:42:46 PM

          I am hoping that my assertion about Domino is not premature, but if you have any experience with this platform, you just HAVE to love it!

          This morning, I brought three servers to the latest release of Domino 9, including one that is now running Traveler 9!   The only issue I encountered is that the Domino service would not start after the initial install on one of the servers.    A quick search of IBM support advised that the service parameters may not have upgraded correctly.   So, I re-ran the setup program, let it complete, and presto -- worked like a champ.

          The other two Domino servers did not experience this problem.

          Then, the update to Traveler was installed, and again - no problems experienced.   In fact, my Smartphone told me that a Traveler update was available.  I installed it without hesitation, or problems.

          As an added bonus, we have a Sametime server that MUST remain on 8.5.3 (for the short term), so I modified that SAMETIME.INI, adding 1299 to the allowed Sametime client versions parameter.   From my Notes 9.0.1 client, I successfully connected to Sametime without any problems.

          I know - Domino has never really been that big of a challenge to upgrade, IF you follow the 'rules'.    As of now, I would say that Domino 9 keeps that tradition alive and well!

          Now - the wanting game - let users pound on it, the agent manager process a zillion or so agents, and..... hope for the best!

          Back to the holidays!

          Bob Baehr

            The Time Has Come - Upgrading To Domino 9.x and Traveler 9.x

            Robert Baehr  December 23 2013 07:26:51 AM

            I am planning an upgrade of our Domino environment to 9.x, including Traveler, for the day after Christmas.    Once done, the clients will be upgraded to IBM Notes SE 9.x after the new year.   I am excited to have the (down)time needed to perform this, what I see, great leap from 8.5.3.

            Having done some research, I cannot seem to find any "side effects" of the upgrade.   Not that I expected to, but, I could not locate anything of concern.   If you have any tips, gotchas, warnings, and/or disaster stories to share, I'd appreciate anything you can offer to make the upgrade to 9 as productive as possible.

            And... Merry Christmas to all!

            Bob Baehr

              IBM Connect - Call For Abstracts - Open NOW!

              Robert Baehr  September 24 2013 09:33:00 AM



              In case you missed the notice, IBM has opened the Call For Abstracts for IBM Connect/Lotusphere 2014.   


              Best of luck to all submissions in getting selected.


              Bob Baehr

                Lotusphere 2014 Registration Opens WIth Little Fanfare from IBM

                Robert Baehr  September 9 2013 06:16:16 PM

                In case you missed the "lack of announcement", IBM Connect / Lotusphere ("Lotusphere") registration is now open!

                As an fairly regular attendee, I was surprised that I had to find out about this, not from an email, not from a blog - but from a Notes/Domino associate on Facebook - the very technology that IBM is proclaiming as the future of business.

                Like many, I remember the day when Lotusphere was THE technical event of the industry - waiting patiently on the opening day of conference pass sales, phone/fax/web browser at the center of attention, praying to get a seat at the hottest technical conference in the land.

                I am going - conference pass purchased, hotel reservations made, and, airline booked.  I am hopeful that the conference will be the Notes/Domino geek fest that it is meant to be, and that the platform does not get lost in the rest of the world that is IBM!

                N'uff said!

                Robert Baehr
                The Unofficial Poster Child For Notes and Domino!

                  Speaking of XPages...

                  Robert Baehr  April 18 2013 07:46:56 PM
                  Greetings (again):

                  I am finding out that XPages is quite a development environment --- seriously!   To date, I have rolled out two major applications that are used every day:

                  1. IT Helpdesk:  The old application was not possible since we brought it in-house!   So, I decided to implement an XPages-based help desk database!    And... I email enabled it, so the end-users love it!

                  2. HR Application:   Talk about hard-core!   With fully integrated workflow notification and management, the new HR application allows users to manage their time-off, as well as a host of other functions (payroll, HR document access, and more).    A thrill to use (and ... thrill-er to build!)

                  Next up - corporate "controlled" document management!

                  Does the love of working with Domino never end???

                  Robert Baehr
                  The Unofficial Poster Child for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, or whatever the marketing genius' at IBM want to call it today!

                    Quickbooks, ND9 and Life

                    Robert Baehr  April 18 2013 07:37:51 PM

                    Well, I am working tonight, moving our Quick Books data to a new server, and, as an added bonus, upgrading to QB 2013!    Oh, the thrill in IT Management never ends!

                    Speaking of thrills, have you tried Notes and Domino 9 lately?   If not, you might want to give it a look!   I have been running the code in a test environment at work, and, it appears to be as stable, fast, and easy to manage as ever -- now, to select a pilot group before final roll out!  

                    The excitement builds....

                    Robert Baehr
                    The Unofficial Poster Child for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, or whatever the marketing genius' at IBM want to call it today!

                      Meeting Announcement: Western Pennsylvania Lotus Users Group (WPALUG)

                      Robert Baehr  September 5 2012 05:58:51 AM