My Death App and NOMAD

    Robert Baehr  November 12 2022 06:38:02 AM

    First, I am fine.  Really.

    In a rainy, under-caffeinated morning, I decided to write about "life planning".  Have you done it?   If not, you might want to consider getting organized.

    I took some time and wrote an app using Domino for the NOMAD mobile client to coordinate all of the information that my wife will need in the even that I am hit by a meteor, truck, or just plain drop dead.    I call me "My Death App", and, since I'll likely be with Domino "'til the end", it seemed fitting to develop the application on the Domino platform.

    I know people who have their life in a password-encrypted spreadsheet.   Well, My Death App has the benefits of data encrypted in transit, at rest, and no data will be on the mobile device (and can't be).   While nothing is 1000% secure, this information has to be stored somewhere, and I'm banking on Domino to keep it secure.  Domino will take me to (or put me in) the grave anyway, so I figured - what the heck!

    Bob Baehr
    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino
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