Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    Robert Baehr  July 11 2021 02:45:38 AM

    I am seeking information on bi-directional data transfer between Adobe PDF forms and Domino.   Mail aside, are there any Domino apps that have the ability to:

    - take data from a PDF form and create a document in a Domino application?
    - take data from a Domino application and automatically populate an Acrobat form?

    Of course, there would be "customization" involved (mapping PDF fields to Domino fields, PDF forms to Domino documents, etc.)

    Thoughts appreciated.

    Happy Computing!

    Robert Baehr
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    1Fredrik Malmborg  7/11/2021 3:10:21 AM  Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    Have you checked out SWING software? Not sure if they have what you need, but could be.

    2Robert Read  7/11/2021 3:44:31 AM  Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    You might be able to do something with a pdf type called a fillable form

    3Palmi  7/11/2021 5:14:05 AM  Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    Hi Robert , this fall there will be a solution to Import Excel and other formats , we are looking into adding Domino > PDF

    { Link }

    You can contact me if you like more information

    4Robert Baehr  7/11/2021 5:20:48 AM  Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    @Fredrik Malmborg : Thanks. Swing looks like it would be a little "overkill" (looks great, though).

    @Robert Read: That's more along the train of thought. For a business, I want to fill out forms with data from Domino, get it to a customer, they complete more data, return it, and when I process the form the newly added data updates the original Domino document.

    Simplicity is key.

    @Palmi: I'll look for it.

    5Palmi  7/11/2021 8:15:57 AM  Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    @Robert I want to fill out forms with data from Domino ,

    Q : Could this be a web form? , when Customer fills in / changes data and it gets save back in Domino THEN is fills out PDF for Customer ??

    6Uwe Brahm  7/11/2021 1:39:20 PM  Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    I would take a closer look at the Java library from Apache named pdfbox:

    They have a nice example section with code for Forms to try out:

    This is where I would look first before buying something :-)

    As Domino is Java aware, adopting something should be straight forward.



    7Michael Marcavage  7/12/2021 5:47:31 PM  Domino and PDF Data Transfer

    I developed such an app years ago, it was even showcased at Lotusphere for 3 years.

    It handles filling in PDF Fillable forms from Notes data, reading PDF Fillable forms and taking that data, and creating Notes documents.

    I have not done anything with it in a few years as the Notes world seemed to have died.

    All that said, if you are interested to learn more, feel free to contact me at