IBM Thought 2019

    Robert Baehr  February 15 2019 09:04:03 PM

    IBM Think 2019 is history!   Here is what I learned this week:

    1. Domino is FAR FROM DEAD!

    HCL, in my opinion, is pushing the Domino platform in the right direction.   Domino is no longer the "Red-Headed Bastard Step Child" of IBM.   The direction of open development, data exposure to other platforms, extensibility, programmability, is a welcome, refreshing, and business benefit usability of Notes and Domino.   For the first time, in a long time, I am encouraged about the future of the platform.  I think they need to hire Denis Leary and do a worldwide blast of TV spots to re-introduce the product to businesses everywhere, and bombard the airwaves with the commercial!  I have ideas, so if anyone at HCL is reading this - contact me.....

    2. The Domino Community:

    Anyone who has "bailed" on the Domino platform, and the community should seriously reconsider their membership!   The platform AND community are alive, well, and bleeding yellow!  I did not attend a single session on Notes and Domino that was not at or near capacity - a sign of things to come?  I am encouraged!

    3. The Future:

    HCL should seriously consider a re-launch of Lotusphere - complete with the "cookie" - starting next year!   Same bat time - same bat channel (Orlando, FL).  I think that this would add credibility to your future direction of the platform.

    4. On A Personal Note:

    To me, the best thing about the IBM Conference is that it is over!  It's been a long week - and all I look forward to is getting home, and seeing my wonderful, beautiful, bride, Cindy Baehr.  She is my "reason", and yeah -  she's that incredible!  N'uff Said!

    More to come - stay tuned!


    Bob Baehr

    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino

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