IBM Think - Coffee and Traffic

    Robert Baehr  February 10 2019 05:18:43 PM

    I'm all checked in for IBM Think!   Just a heads up for those of you who will be commuting to the conference daily.   Traffic will be a little more harsh than normal due to construction on Howard Street (just off the block where IBM Think will occur).   I was down there today (on a Sunday) and could not believe the traffic.  When I asked, I was told that parts of Howard Street are completely closed due to construction.

    Another public service announcement:  There's a Target about 1.5 blocks from IBM Think, so if you need anything - they've got it!  This saved by life because, the "K-Cup" coffee makers that hotels provide just don't cut it!

    Image:IBM Think - Coffee and Traffic

    More to come - stay tuned!

    Bob Baehr

    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino

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