JSON Classes are BAD ASS

    Robert Baehr  July 2 2022 04:03:36 AM

    A company (Client) uses HCL Notes and Domino to capture and create reports on various elements.  By rule, this data must be shared with a global organization (Vendor) within a fixed time-frame for tracking purposes and quality control.   If data is submitted late, then the Client could lose its business partnership with Vendor (not good).

    The Vendor designed a new system which requires Client to submit all data in JSON format.    Since the original applications were not designed to export data in JSON, and data comes from multiple NSF files, I devised the following solution using Notes and the JSON classes in Lotusscript.  The scripts include conversion of data (dates, for example) and packaging of the data as per the JSON data model and structure supplied by the Vendor.

    Image:JSON Classes are BAD ASS

    This was frustrating to build, for the Vendor system was new and changes made on the Vendor system - causing me to revisit my new app and make adjustments therein.

    In the end, I look back and think.... THIS WAS A BLAST TO BUILD!!!!!!

    Thought I'd share a brief, real world application of Notes, Domino, and the Lotusscript JSON classes.

    Robert Baehr
    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino


    1Lars Berntrop-Bos  7/4/2022 5:50:47 AM  JSON Classes are BAD ASS

    Could you post demo code?

    2Robert Baehr  7/9/2022 8:48:08 AM  JSON Classes are BAD ASS

    I am sorry - that code is property of the customer.