Notes 10 Client Menu - Interesting Observation

    Robert Baehr  November 3 2018 11:59:30 AM

    As I launched Notes 10 this AM, I noticed an interesting menu, shown below.  In all my years of working with Notes, I can say that I do not recall ever seeing this before in the Notes client.

    Image:Notes 10 Client Menu - Interesting Observation

    Now, the options Source, Refactor, Run, Tools did nothing when clicked.   Design came up with an option for "Business Cards."

    Has anyone ever seen this before?   If so, I'd love to hear of your experiences with it.   If not, someone may want to let IBM/HCL know.

    • Windows 10 Pro (fully patched)
    • Notes 10 (from the Notes, Designer, Admin installer).
    • Upon launch, the only thing opened was the workspace.


    Bob Baehr

    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino


    1Jesper Kiaer  11/3/2018 2:19:06 PM  Notes 10 Client Menu - Interesting Observation

    Yes, I have had this menu several times. Like it spills over from the Designer. And many many others issues in V10....

    2Jay Marme  11/5/2018 11:09:18 AM  Notes 10 Client Menu - Interesting Observation

    I agree that it seems to be coming from Designer. At least, I have not seen it on a VM that has the Notes 10 client only. I see it several times a week on a VM with multi-client install. I simply click the X in the upper right hand corner to close Notes since there is no useful options under File when this happens, and restart the client. I don't see a problem in the other direction (the Notes client menu does not migrate to the Designer client).