Spell Check Freezing Notes - Interesting Find In The Last Place You Might Expect

    Robert Baehr  April 20 2021 03:45:06 AM

    Recently, I had a user running Notes 10.0 (Basic) encounter a situation whereas the spell checker would freeze the Notes client.   I mean, complete lockup - task manager style!

    After checking all the usual NOTES.INI settings, preferences, deleting the NDK and local BOOKMARK.NSF file, etc. -- the problem continued to be a pain in the, you know... the thing!

    I took a deeper dive into the configuration, and noticed that the user was a roaming user.    I visited the folder containing the user's roaming files and discovered that BOOKMARK.NSF was a staggering 500GB in size.   Yes, you read that correctly - 500GB!

    I ran the usual maintenance utilities (COMPACT, with file size reduction - FIXUP - UPDALL) on the roaming BOOKMARK.NSF, and got it down to 150GB.   Still large, but a lot smaller than it was before.

    Once done, spell check worked perfectly, and continues to do so to this day.

    Just a simple reminder to check up on those roaming Notes files now and then - they are part of the environment, and, need some love, too.....

    Happy Computing!

    Robert Baehr

    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino


    1Daniel Nashed  4/26/2021 1:58:49 PM  Spell Check Freezing Notes - Interesting Find In The Last Place You Might Expect

    Not a direct comment to your post ..

    But I just noticed you also have the same search issue with your blog ..

    see this link on my blog and I did not find this on my own ..

    { Link }

    We using the Domino blog template have to support each other ;-)

    -- Daniel