IBM Connect Wednesday

    Robert Baehr  February 22 2017 06:16:56 PM

    Well, a busy productive Wednesday at IBM Connect 2017!   An early start, as always, the day went something like this:

    #UserBlast (8am):

    As always, Mat Newman presented an excellent, high-energy overview of Notes, Domino, Connections, Calendars, and Integration.    On a personal note, I have to ask him what coffee he drinks, for he had way to much "spunk" for 8:00am.

    Image:IBM Connect Wednesday

    IBM/Domino Roadmap.  

    A 9:00am session which discussed and outlined the following, with an emphasis on the future of Domino (and Verse).     IBM made the following roadmaps available, and emphasized support for the Notes and Domino platform until, at least, 2021!

    For Domino...

    Image:IBM Connect Wednesday

    and, for Notes...

    Image:IBM Connect Wednesday

    Hands-On - IBM Connections:

    This 10:00am almost didn't happen for me, for I missed the little "pre-register" disclaimer.   I didn't, and ended up on a waiting list.    Fortunately, others decided not to attend, so I actually got a spot.    This session could have been "exceptional", with one "criticism" - the speaker did not seem to have a handle on the content/audience mix.   So, I explored the product, and hope that he enjoyed the "beer" content I shared with him (yes, beer IS social, so I thought I'd have a little fun with it).

    At 11:00am, I needed coffee - but none was to be found so I walked to Starbucks half a block away from the conference.   More on that experience in my "summary" of the conference.

    Meanwhile, back to IBM Connect 2017, I visited the "meet the developers" lab.   Yes, they saw me coming, and hid under their desks.   I visited the Domino peeps, the IBM Connections booth, and Mike Rosen regarding IBM Licensing.    These conversations were productive, for I have a Connections idea that I am going to try to sell Management back home.

    IBM Verse For Dummies:

    Apparently, I am not as dumb as I thought.   Right now, Verse is focused on mail - social and cognitive capabilities, and integration with Connections.    I was hoping to learn something about apps, but, I guess that will have to wait.    I "may" deploy a "play" Verse environment back home, but right now, I'll let the "early adopters" do the hard-core testing for me.

    Licensing - What A Pain:

    I spend some time digging through the documents in Passport Advantage to see "exactly" what we are entitled to use.   I think I found it, so now, I can return to the Labs tomorrow and further spank the Connections developers.  A respectful spank, not a "50 Shades Of Yellow and Blue" kinda spanking!

    Well, that's it for Wednesday!   I am not attending the Wednesday night event, because I cannot see the logic in taking my wife (IBM wants $125 per ticket - the regular non-IBM cost is < $30).  In Notes terms... @WHAT?

    More to come tomorrow.

    Robert Baehr