IBM Think 2019 - ICS Community Day

    Robert Baehr  February 12 2019 06:58:43 PM

    Today I attended the ICS Community Day event at IBM Think 2019.   And it was full of surprises.  The room was pretty packed with Domino and Connections enthusiasts.   I was quite surprised, and for a moment, borderline overwhelmed.

    Thee energy level seems quite high surrounding Domino 10 (and the forthcoming Release 11).   Not only from participants, but, from those involved with product development.    Initially, I was skeptical about the sale of the Domino platform, but after today, that skepticism has been greatly decreased.  Reportedly, Domino license renewals are UP, customers who left the platform are returning, and I was happy to hear someone on-stage admit that Domino has been neglected for years, but that the neglect is over.   A refreshing surprise.

    Personally, I do not see Domino going away any time soon.  With what HCL has planned, I would not be surprised if you see a lot more of the platform... assuming they "market it" correctly.  I am interested to hear, later in the week, what's coming in Release 11.    

    I also attended a hands-on lab of Domino and node.js.   The nice thing about the lab is that it was "guided", but I had time to experiment with the code, and at times, blow it up to see how it would react.   Everything in this lab made me want to go home and look into it deeper.  I have R10 on Windows, and a Linux server ready to go!   Guess what I'm doing next week?

    No showcase reception for me tonight.  I have things to do, and, don't want to blow my new found eating lifestyle on unlimited free beer and food.  And the "free beer" thing really hits home.....

    More to come - stay tuned!


    Bob Baehr

    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino