IBM Think 2019 - Getting My Game On

    Robert Baehr  February 7 2019 05:20:38 AM

    Well, I am in the homestretch as I plan the journey to San Francisco for the IBM Think 2019 Conference.  

    I fly in late Saturday, and had to book a hotel in Japantown because the Intercontinental San Francisco was "blocked off."  Looking forward to seeing friends and colleagues, learning what I can, collaborating with people, and seeing what is coming in the Notes and Domino platform.   And, to hopefully meet up with some HCL professionals on how we can re-energize the Notes and Domino activity in my market.

    Speaking of Hotel Rooms, if you haven't booked yours yet, you might want to do so as soon as possible.   At the hotel I am staying at, rooms are now available at about 66% higher price than I paid when I booked it months ago.  

    If you see me at IBM Think 2019, say "hi" and buy me a beer.  I'm pretty easy to speak with.

    See you in San Francisco.


    Bob Baehr
    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino!