I’ll Take Beer For $1000, Alex!!

    Robert Baehr  February 20 2017 09:43:58 PM

    At the IBM Connect 2017 Opening Reception this evening, I was honored to be one of (if not the first) to ask the IBM Watson Supercomputer a question about, of all things, BEER!  

    I asked Watson "what's the best Hefeweizen in the world"... what I discovered was kinda amazing.

    First, you had to answer a "pre-defined" set of questions.  Is this "artificial intelligence" or "intelligence, that is artificial"?

    Image:I’ll Take Beer For $1000, Alex!!

    After answering the "pre-defined questions", I got the following from Watson:

    Image:I’ll Take Beer For $1000, Alex!!

    While this was a tasty beer, I was kinda dumbfounded that Watson recommended a STOUT in place of a HEFEWEIZEN?  REALLY?

    Maybe I should go on Jeopardy, vs WATSON!   Category:  anything WATSON is not pre-programmed to handle!

    IMHO - not a good way to start a tech conference.

    Bob Baehr - 1
    WATSON - 0