New Domino 10 Server

    Robert Baehr  November 2 2018 05:05:27 AM

    Well, I finally broke down and bought a new server.   Given my home beautification project, I hated to spend the money on technology, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

    Here's the general plan for the Home Office:
    1. Migrate existing ClearOS (yes - ClearOS - it has been rock solid) Domino environment (Domino 9) to the new server (Domino 10), Running Windows Server 2016.
    2. Swap Domino server names so that the new server is the "primary" server for everything.
    3. Install Red Hat Linux on the old server.
    4. Install Domino 10 on the Red Hat Linux server.
    5. Setup a cluster so they both can be happy together.

    Right now, I am in the process of completing step 1.   Thankfully, AdminP is working its usual wonderful self creating replicas of all of my data, mail, etc..

    More to come - stay tuned.

    Bob Baehr
    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino!