You Are One Quarter Cup Of Coffee Away From SSL/TLS With Domino 12

    Robert Baehr  September 27 2021 04:56:59 AM

    My SSL/TLS Certificates were due to expire, so I thought - what the heck - let's try the new CertMgr feature of Domino 12.  I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

    Answer:  Nothing!  

    In case you haven't read about it yet, Domino 12 includes full integration with (and a lot of automation to) the Let's Encrypt free SSL/TLS certificate authority.  

    I decided to start off with a cup of coffee - a little cream - a dash of splenda - and the Domino Administrator help database.

    After a quick NOTES.INI modification, and server restart, I entered the CertMgr.nsf database on my server.   After completing two simple forms, and submitting my request, I was amazed that the SSL/TLS certificates that I requested were fully operational.   I mean, I barely got to sip my coffee before the process was completed.

    No KYR - no STH files to deal with.  No KYRTOOL and OpenSSL tools needed.    No copy - no paste - no "retrieve certificate" needed.

    Thank you, HCL, for taking a cumbersome process and making it easy.   It's the little things.....

    Now, where's the rest of that hot coffee?

    Bob Baehr
    The Unofficial Poster Child for Notes and Domino.